Rotary dampening solutions

Our InTouch rotary dampening solutions contains a chamber filled with MRF and a coil. The MRF changes its state from a liquid to a semisolid when a magnetic field is applied. While the MRF is liquid, the dampening force of our rotary dampers is in idle. By applying electricity to the coil, we create a magnetic field, which changes the MRFs viscosity which leads to an increased friction and therefore increases the dampening force. By controlling the electricity’s duration and strength on the coil via software, we create real-time time control of the torque. The rotation of the device is detected via a magnetic sensor.

Our InShock dampers solutions can be used in multiple industries. Our core competence is the adaption of the technology to our customer needs. We have listed some current applications of the technology below.

Roll stabilizer

Our rotary dampening solutions can be integrated into the stabilizer systems of vehicles for generating a semi active roll stabilizer. With it, we can adjust the roll behavior of the vehicle in real-time. By doing so, we can create a safer and more comfortable driving experience at lower costs and energy consumption compared to active systems. For more information, please use the link below.

Seat Belt System

Whether driver’s seat, passenger seat, rear seat, 150mm or 350mm belt extension, the INVENTUS seat belt system can be precisely adjusted to the vehicle and its occupants by software. The strong built-in rotary MRF actuator allows the use of only one system in all load cases. This way, you benefit from reduced development times and economies of scale.