than a

conventional fluid.

Magnetorheological fluid

Everything, but NOT poisonous

Fully adjustable

This technology responds faster than the blink of an eye

Magnetorheological fluid

MRF is a mixture of a base oil with magnetizing iron particles. The size of these particles are around a few micrometres (µm). Combined with a magnetic field these particles will concentrate along the magnetic field and will build a chain formation. The higher the applied magnetic field is, the more particles are concentrated on the magnetic lines  the chain formation will be bigger.

Fully adjustable.

With the IN SHOCK dampers, any damping force can be freely adjusted in real time. This is possible with the combination of permanent and electromagnets, which have an impact on the iron particles inside the MRF.

This technology responds faster than the blink of an eye.

The INSHOCK dampers are freely adjustable and react in real time.

Better safe than sorry

If the damper electronic fails, the damper will still work as a normal damper with a normal damping curve (Fail-safe). See also Remanence.

Everything, but NOT poisonous.

Due to the high degree of purity, the iron particles also meet the requirements of the food industry. This is one advantage of our IN SHOCK dampeners.