Rotary Encoder

InTouch D60

Our adaptive INVENTUS rotary actuator provides haptic feedback with a rotating outer ring. Thereby, a non-rotating inner part of the encoder leaves space for either a touchpad, a touch display, or gesture control and thus combines the best features of different operating technologies depending on the application area and customer needs. A supplementary illuminated ring and an integrated push function also simplify operation.

The wide range of functional capabilities make our rotary encoders applicable in various branches, from mobility to consumer goods, industrial machines or medical devices.

Seamlessly fits into your design

Our encoders not only promise intuitive operation through innovative technology – they also meet sophisticated design requirements. One example is our concept for a multimedia encoder that can be retracted into the center console.​

One device – numerous functionalities

By adjusting the position of the rotary encoder on the X-axis, additional levels of control can be accessed – quickly, precisely, and intuitively. This allows for user-defined settings for the driver as well as the passenger side using just one device.​