InTouch D99

Our largest MR actuators offer impressive forces while requiring significantly less space and energy than comparable solutions. Our brakes enable switching from a barely perceivable base torque (< 0.1 Nm) and fluid rotation to complete an abrupt full lockout in a fraction of a second. Passive braking and end stops are created by the MR brake with a high torque of up to 60Nm. 

Additionally, all of our rotary MR brakes offer a wide range of software-generated haptic feedback patterns to make operation even more intuitive, comfortable, and safe.

MRF brakes are industry proven

MRF brakes are already used in steering systems today. What makes our technology unique is the patented design.

Same performance, smaller scale

We are able to produce the same performance as other MRF systems at significantly smaller sizes. Our patented design also allows the system to be scaled easily as magnetic saturation at smaller sizes is not an issue.

Significantly lower base torque

Our steer-by-wire solution also allows for significantly lower base torque – up to 10 times lower than comparable systems on the market. (0.1 Nm vs. 1 Nm)

Diameter: 99 mm

Length: < 50 mm

Min torque: < 0.06 Nm

Max torque: 25 Nm

Power supply: 12V

Engergy consumption:

0.5W at 3 Nm

2.5W at 12 Nm

Rotation speed: > 200 rpm

Angle of rotation: Infinite (< 360°)

Temperature sensitivity: Low

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