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We support you in the development of your product, from conception to industrialisation. Using modern CAD and simulation tools and our years of experience in process, quality and project management, we can guarantee you highest standard in efficiency and quality.


Security is our main target. Together with the leading automotive manufacturer and suppliers we develop infotainment input devices and suspension components, which make the driving experience smarter, more comfortable and safer. Due to our revolutionary technology, which reacts in real time, the driver will not only be unloaded, furthermore the car will be getting smarter as well.

Health Care

If every second counts to save a life, medicines need a hardware to rely on. We at Inventus are working on revolutionary technologies, to unload them and to focus on what’s really of importance. We deliver the best control units for complex medical devices, which reacts in a few milli seconds. Therefore, we develop control units for every problem in between a range of acute treatment up to rehabilitation treatments.


Smart Devices

With our development of the IN SHOCK and IN TOUCH series, we have products which can be fully integrated and adapted to your need. The products are able to suite to any environmental condition. We achieve this within milli seconds, so that the user is not able to recognize the change. Due to this fact we increase the user comfort, as well as we decrease the number of components of the product, which helps us to improve the safety.

Special mechanical engineering

Due to our longstanding experience in development, conception and the production of special mechanical engineering, we have our own test equipment. This includes our self-developed and build drop tower test rig.


Together with our clients we develop reliable, robust and revolutionary hardware, which enables top athletes to get a significant advantage. Our range goes from cycling up to professional automotive racing. One of our biggest achievements was the cooperation with AMZ-Racing (ETH-Zurich) where the race car “Grimsel” set the new world record for acceleration (0 to 100 km/h in 1.513 seconds).


To save men’s life we rely on our revolutionary and intelligent hard- and software solutions. Together with our clients we develop products which enable to survive in situations where they are not able to react to the upcoming situation. These can be situations where even a reflex takes too much time to react. With our revolutionary system, which reacts in real time, we significantly increase the chance to survive.