Magnetorheological Fluid


MRF is a mixture of a carrier liquid and magnetizable carbonyl iron particles. The particles, which are only a few micrometres in size, form solid-state bridges in the field line direction in milliseconds under magnetic field effect. The higher the field initiated, the stronger the onset of chain formation.



Infinitely adjustable.


MRF actuators can be adjusted continuously. If a basic strength is desired,
this can be accomplished simply and efficiently by a specific combination of permanent magnets and electromagnets.


Reacts as quick as the blink of an eye.


 Resistive forces can be reversably adjusted and changed within milliseconds. 
This opens up completely new possibilites for influencing the damping behaviour in real time and reacting to changed environmental conditions.
A system of intelligent control in combination with an
INVENTUS MRF damper enhances comfort and safety.


Better safe than sorry.

MRF actuators are absolutely fail-safe. Even if electronics fail, the last selected setting is retained through the use of valves. Quite different from conventional solutions. For more information see Remanenz.


Everything, just not poisonous.

Thanks to their high degree of purity, the carbonyl iron particles meet food industry standards. MRF offers a clear advantage in this respect compared to conventional dampers.