More than just a job.


INVENTUS is not just about products. We are working on state-of-the-art
solutions, making life more comfortable and secure.

You are interested in the technology of tomorrow, are dynamic,
creative and a team player? Then you are at the right place.


We are looking for:

Development Engineer



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  • Implementation and support of the whole development process:

preparing product specifications, concept formulation, construction, assembly, commissioning

  • Multidisciplinary teamwork with other departments (electronic engineering, computer science)


  • very good german- and englishskills
  • fulltimejob (38,5h/week)
  • available to start working in April/May
  • good working knowledge of office-programm
  • experienced in construction and design (CATIA V5, Solidworks)
  • extensive technical understanding
  • team spirit, accuracy, creativity, commitment, organizational talent
  • divers’s licence
  • degree from a University of Applied Sciende or from a technical University
  • willingness to apply new tasks and constant training



  • challenging and interesting profession
  • for this position we offer a salary of 34.000.- euro/year

the actual salary depens on your experience and professional qualifications

  • innovative solutions and request for personal initiative and creativity
  • dynamic company with the potential of development


You are interested in becoming a part of INVENTUS?

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We offer you the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree  
and start your career with us at the same time.
Dual Electrical Engineering combines university studies at the FH Vorarlberg with practical
vocational training at INVENTUS Development.


Study and practical phases alternate
In the first academic year you will receive a sound basic education at the FH Vorarlberg.
From the third semester you are employed with us and receive a monthly salary.
You will then alternate between FH Vorarlberg and our company in a 3-month cycle. This means studying at the FH Vorarlberg (University of Applied Sciences) and applying the study content „on the job“.
This interlocking of theory with practice is of particular importance.


Gaining important practical experience
You work with us for a total of 12 months in 4 business practice phases.
You can apply your theoretical knowledge directly.
During this time you will be assisted by a supervisor  
who has an academic education and is connected to FH Vorarlberg. 
From the third semester you are employed with us and receive a monthly salary.


In the practical phases:
• You get to know the work of the engineering profession.
• You work on complex projects in the fields of electrical 
engineering, electronics, computer science and business administration.
• Deal with applied work and production 
techniques at INVENTUS Development.
• Get to know our business environment from the 
point of view of an engineer.

These experiences give you a deeper unterstanding not only
of the subject areas but also of the connection between the various areas
of business activity. You learn how to be part of a real
work team and work together with other departments.


6 semesters and bachelor's degree
The dual electrical engineering study program is 6 semesters including all operational practice phases.
Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)
and come away with 2 years work experience at  INVENTUS Development[nbsp.


• Combination of a university degree and practical vocational training in our company
• Well founded basic training in the first year of  study —
especially important for students with little technical training
• Accreditation for large parts of first semester for HTL–gradutates 
• Employment with us from the third semester,
providing valuable professional experience during studies, 
monthly wage
• Study and practical phases alternate, avoiding double work load
• Targeted training for the requirements of today's professional world

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