All in one.

The In Touch D60 combines modern design with maximum functionality.

More individual than ever.

 In addition to the basic haptic functions, the In Touch D60 offers a stationary middle section.

This makes it possible to integrate colour displays, touchscreens or touchpad to 
make operation even more intuitive.

The standard push function makes the In Touch D60
a fully fledged input device. 


The covers of the In Touch D60 can be changed quickly and easily. They can be created individually
according to your wishes. Thus the In Touch D60 can be
seemlessly integrated into your product. 


By adjusting the torque, the In Touch D60 can be adapted
to you and your application.

Feel the difference.


In addition to the standard lighting push function, the In Touch D60  
offers all basic haptic functions.


Feel the difference.


With a wide range of personalised haptic feedback, you can feel
what function is being performed without relying on visual displays.



Basic functions

Counter Clockwise



Barrier Ripple
Speed Ripple
Speed Force



Just try.

The In Touch D60 demonstrator.


The In Touch D60 demonstrator is available as stand-alone with integrated lighting,
push function and touchpad.
The software is available on order for downloading from our support


The In Touch D60 stand-alone can be easily connected via USB to your PC
or tablet. If you need special applications,
we will be happy to create them for you.   




More moveable than ever before.

Thanks to the new XY axis control, you can be more interactive when being guided through the menu navigation. By simply moving the button back and forth or left and right, you can change the application and various settings.



It's all a matter of communication.

The In Touch D60 can communicate with your system in a number of ways. The interface USB is offered as a standard, but UART, CAN or Wireless are also supported.



The second generation INVENTUS HMI offers impressive haptics, special lighting scenarios and control of the touchpad.