The new way of operating.


The In Touch D47 offers all haptic basic functions with maximal flexibilty.



Feel the difference.


With a wide range of individualised haptic feedback, you can feel
what function is being performed without relying on visual displays.



Basic functions

Counter Clockwise



Barrier Ripple
Speed Ripple
Speed Force



As individual as your application.



The cover design for the In Touch D47 can be individually adapted to your product. Almost any material can be used and the cover can be easily replaced.


We are happy to create a cover according to your requirements.


By adjusting the torque of the In Touch D47 it can be tailored to your requirements. Different modes for right and left-handers are easily adjustable. 


Just try.

The In Touch D47 Demonstrator.


The In Touch D47 Demonstrator is available as a stand-alone and tablet version.
The software for the stand-alone version can be 
downloaded from our support section.  


The In Touch D47 stand-alone can be easily connected via USB to your PC
or tablet. If you need special applications 
we will be happy to create them for you.

The In Touch D47 tablet comes with our preinstalled testapp.
The In Touch D47 is already mounted on the tablet.


The INVENTUS HMI 1.6 enables precise control of the haptic basic functions of the In Touch D47.

With the HMI 1.6 up to 5,760 steps per revolution can be attained.