An experience in an instant.

The In Touch D34 is our smallest haptic button, with full functionality. With a diameter of 34,5 millimetres, low construction height of 45,9 millimetres and maximum torque of 5 Newton metres, it looks small but does great things.



Minimal size, maximum possibilities.


The In Touch D34 offers all haptic features that its big brothers
offer and even more, thanks to the standard push function.


Feel the difference.


With a wide range of individualised haptic feedback, you can feel
what function is being performed without relying on visual cues.



Basic functions

Counter Clockwise



Barrier Ripple
Speed Ripple
Speed Force




Individual, like your application.

With the 7 RGB LEDs already integrated in the standard equipment, different lighting scenarios can be generated. This allows the In Touch D34 to be adapted to your corporate design. 


The cover design is not tied to a specific diameter. Almost any material can be used and the cover can be easily replaced.

Thanks to the integrated push function the In Touch D34 becomes a fully fledged input device.


Additional functions can be added to the basic functions of the In Touch D34. Diverse sensors as well as an XY-axis control can be implemented.  


By customising the torque of the In Touch D34 it can be tailored to your needs. Different modes for right and left handers are easily adjustable. 


Just try.

The new In Touch D34 Demonstrator.


The new In Touch D34 Demonstrator is now available as a stand-alone unit. The software is available as a download from
our support section.


The In Touch D34 stand-alone can be easily connected via USB to your PC or tablet.
If you need special applications we will
be happy to create them for you.   


It's a matter of communication.


The In Touch D34 can communicate with your existing system in many ways.
You can choose between the standard interfaces USB and UART.
On request we can also supply you with CAN or wireless protocols.   


Simply fast.

The new INVENTUS HMI 3.0.

The third generation of the INVENTUS HMI brings numerous advantages.


More than twice as fast as the HMI 2.0, with significantly reduced energy requirements.

Control of the 7 RGB LEDs in any desired colour and intensity.

More accurate than ever before with up to 90,000 steps per revolution.