The damper, as individual as your product.

The IVENTUS In Shock series is in a class of its own both in terms of performance and universality. The patented technology responds faster than the blink of an eye and changes the damping behaviour within milliseconds. 


Technical structure.


The In Shock Damper Series consists of a  MRF-filled hydraulic damping element with displacement sensors,
an electronic control unit and a magnetization unit.


Through targeted current pulses, the MRF trains solid-state bridges and thus increases the damping force.
You can find more about MRF under the heading Core Competencies.


The In Shock dampers are available as both linear and rotary dampers. 


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Simply intelligent.

The INVENTUS Prototyping System.


The INVENTUS Prototyping System (IPS) is programmed using Matlab Simulink or directly in C making it very easy and efficient to generate control algorithms.

To connect additional sensors, the IPS has
various digital and analog interfaces, as well as CAN or Bluetooth. 


The combination of an IPS, a hydraulic MRF damping element and a displacement sensor 
enables the incomparable performance of the In Shock System.






Simply flexible.


With the In Shock System any damping forces can be steplessly adjusted in real time.
It is therefore possible to react instantaneously to externally applied load conditions. 


The following basic modes of our In Shock System are available, in addition to countless individual modes.


Basic modes





Hard stop

Soft stop


In contrast to solutions already on the market, the In Shock System adjusts damping
forces at all times, resulting in any characteristic curves.


In addition to forces generated by MRF technology, hydraulic stops can be 
implemented as with conventional dampers.


A special feature of our system is the hold funktion. The piston rod is held at a certain immersion depth and released only by the release function.


With the In Shock App, the various modes can be intuitively selected and adapted to the respective application.





Economically efficient.


The In Shock System optionally features our patented and highly efficient remanence technology.
The damping behaviour is changed and stored by a short pulse.


Fully de-energized, the damper maintains the selected state until it is reconfigured by a new pulse. 


Better safe than sorry.


If the energy storage device is running out, the last selected state can be retained by using our remanence technology, or it can be changed to a defined state by means of permanent magnets.


Further information on the remanence technology can be found under the heading core competencies.