Safety comes first. We develop infotainment controls and chassis components with leading car maufacturers and suppliers to make driving experience safer and more comfortable. Our actuators, which react in fractions of a second, not only relieve the driver, but also make the car smart.

Health Care

When time is critical, professionals need hardware that adjusts in milliseconds. At Inventus we are working on state-of-the-art solutions to relieve health care professionals and provide them with the best control possible for their complex applications. Here we develop intelligent solutions ranging from acute treatment to rehabilitation.

Smart Devices

With the development of our IN SHOCK and IN TOUCH series we have created intelligent, fully integrated systems that adapt autonomously to changing environmental conditions. This happens so fast that it is imperceptible to humans. This enables us to increase user-friendliness as well as to reduce the number of components and increase safety.

Special machines

We have many years of experience in the development, conception and production of special machines. We have developed and implemented our own test equipment, such as our drop tower.


We develop with our customers reliable, robust and innovative hardware to give top athletes the decisive edge. We are represented in many fields, from automotive racing to cycling. One of our successful projects is the cooperation with AMZ-Racing. The racing car "Grimsel", equipped with IN SHOCK shock absorbers and our intelligent control system,  set the acceleration world recort on June 22, 2016.


When it comes to protecting human lives, Inventus uses only the most modern and intelligent hardware and software solutions. Together with our customers, we developed products that make it possible to survive situations in which they would otherwise be unable to react in time. Our intelligent control systems and lightening fast actuators significantly increase the chance of survival.