Our smallest rotary haptic device

Whether it’s a smartphone, camera, gaming hardware, or VR device – the small form factor of our INVENTUS thumbwheel provides tangible feedback and simplified operation in numerous application areas. 

We are convinced that the combination of touchscreen displays and secondary physical control interfaces with intelligent haptic force feedback are the future. Be ready for the next big thing!

The software-based control of the haptic feedback not only makes operation more intuitive but also more reliable. Our technology complements conventional touchscreens and ensures smooth and precise control – whether in conventional smartphone solutions or in new design concepts such as a situation-dependent adaptive hinge of a foldable display.


Keep full control over your inputs, even in situations where the display is difficult to use – whether in humid or wet conditions, with gloves or other restrictions.



Diameter: 8 mm

Length: 48 mm (variable)

Weight: 10 g

Sensor placement: Integrated in the shaft

Max. coil supply current: 500 mA @30 s

Supply voltage Coil: 3.0V typ.

Operating temperature range: -10°C to +60°C

Max. barrier torque*: min. 17.5 mNm at 500 mA coil current

Max. base torque: less than 1 mNm

*maximum torque depends on length


Now in development

Even smaller for more fields of application.

We are already working on reducing the form factor of our rotary encoder technology even further. This way, you are able to integrate our technology into smartwatches (e.g. digital crown with real haptic force feedback) and other devices.

Control your device easily and reliably even in extreme situations such as snow and ice with gloves on or while deep below the surface of the water.