Phone Case Thumbwheel

Intuitive device control

meets optimized

housing utilization.

The new INVENTUS phone case thumbwheel concept makes optimal use of the back of your smartphone, relieves the thumb as main operating finger and, thanks to freely programmable haptic feedback, offers even more intuitive device control, whether you’re zooming, scrolling or navigating through menus. 


Scrolling chats, feeds, documents, or newspaper articles has never felt so natural thanks to the INVENTUS thumbwheel with application-specific haptic feedback.


Focus, zoom, shutter speed – with full control and increased precision thanks to haptic feedback, taking photos with the smartphone becomes even more intuitive



Never miss a key scene again! With the INVENTUS thumbwheel technology, your customers easily navigate through media content or adjust the volume of the device without covering the screen.

Weather conditions

Keep full control over your inputs, even in situations where the display is difficult to use – whether in humid or wet conditions, with gloves or other restrictions.

Numerous functions

Thanks to the freely programmable haptic feedback, you can optimize the operation of your device for any usage situation – for operating the device on the ski slope with gloves, for guided control of the brightness based on the actual brightness, or for setting the recommended maximum volume, adapted to environmental noise.

Integration options

The slim design in combination with the low power consumption of the system enables direct integration into the housing on the one hand, but also the use as an accessory or optional attachment on the other hand.

Protected innovation

Thanks to our extensive international patents, your product innovation is protected in the best possible way.


Diameter: 8 mm

Sensor placement: Integrated in the shaft

Max. coil supply current: 500 mA @30 s

Supply voltage Coil: 3.0V typ.