In Touch Disc

Small encoder – countless application areas

We reduced the form factor of our rotary encoder technology even further. 

In Touch Disc_4-2
In Touch Disc_1-2

This way, you are able to integrate our technology into smartwatches (e.g. digital crown with real haptic force feedback) and other devices.

Control your device easily and reliably even in extreme situations such as snow and ice with gloves on or while deep below the surface of the water.

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In Touch Disc_5-2

Diameter: 16 mm (variable)

Length: 6 mm (variable)

Sensor placement: Integrated in the device

Supply voltage Coil: 3.0V typ.

Operating temperature range: -10°C to +60°C

Max. barrier torque*: min. 10 mNm (>20 mNm at higher current)

Max. base torque: less than 1 mNm

*maximum torque depends on diameter/length