The INVENTUS joystick combines two of our MR brakes to provide adaptive control of both the X and Y axes with just a single device through fully programmable haptic feedback. Thereby, the perceptible resistances along both axes can be finely adjusted. Our joystick technology thus makes the control of everything from gaming and simulation to industrial machines and vehicles even more intuitive and safe.

Steer by wire

The INVENTUS-KLD rotary MR brakes are our solution for applications such as steer by wire, gaming and simulation, prosthetics, or exoskeletons. Our largest MR actuators offer impressive forces while requiring significantly less space and energy than comparable solutions. Our brakes enable switching from a barely perceivable base torque (< 0.1 Nm) and fluid rotation to complete an abrupt full lockout in a fraction of a second. Passive braking and end stops are created by the MR brake with a high torque of up to 60Nm. Additionally, all of our rotary MR brakes offer a wide range of software-generated haptic feedback patterns to make operation even more intuitive, comfortable, and safe.

MR Throttle

The INVENTUS MR throttle brings full control and adaptive operation to any handlebar-controlled vehicle through fully programmable haptic feedback. Our MR technology brakes the rotational movement of the hand for precise control. And while our current technology relies on a parallelly mounted MR brake connected to a timing belt, our team is already working on a fully integrated solution directly in the handlebar.

Control Lever

Thanks to our MR technology, the adaptive INVENTUS control lever brings adaptive braking and thus haptic feedback to classic swivel motion devices. This provides an individualized adjustment of the control to various applications, e.g. ships and boats. In addition, advanced functions such as complete lockout of the lever or customized operating profiles provide additional safety and comfort.


Feel the difference 

Our adaptive INVENTUS rotary actuator provides haptic feedback with a rotating outer ring. Thereby, the non-rotating inner part of the encoder leaves space for either a touchpad, a touch display, or gesture control and thus combines the best features of different operating technologies depending on the application area and customer needs. A supplementary illuminated ring and an integrated push function also simplify operation.


The INVENTUS thumbwheel is our smallest rotary haptic device. Whether it’s a smartphone, camera, gaming hardware, or VR device – the small form factor provides tangible feedback and simplified operation in numerous application areas.
The software-based control of the haptic feedback not only makes operation more intuitive but also more reliable. The INVENTUS thumbwheel complements conventional touchscreens and ensures smooth and precise control – even in situations where the display is difficult to use.